guardianshipIf someone close to you is unable to care for him or herself or oversee matters relating to their property, we can help you establish a guardianship to insure your loved one is cared for and his or her property is looked after in a competent and professional manner.

If the parents of a child die, or if a child has been abandoned, is inadequately cared for, or is abused, a probate court may appoint an adult (who is not the child's parent) to take care of the child or his or her property. A guardian generally has the same responsibilities as a parent, and is responsible for the child's personal needs, including shelter, education and medical care.

I have been involved in guardianship where the person appointed guardian was the sibling of a mentally challenged person. I have most recently been involved with a guardianship where an elderly person with no direct family owned a four-family house in Hoboken and one day just walked out of the house and disappeared. After a frantic search for her she was found in a hospital in New York unaware of her name or where she lived. Under these circumstances the Court got involved and a guardianship was created to protect her assets and her own health.

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