Family Law / Divorce

family In America, and especially in New Jersey, families come in all shapes and sizes. As the definition of what makes up a family has expanded over the years, so has the practice of family law. When I started my practice in 1983, Hoboken was on the verge of becoming a true metropolitan suburb. At one time, practicing family law was about placing blame on the other party, and divorces were hard to get. Now, with the no fault divorce laws, the courts are more concerned about how both parties will fare after the divorce rather than who was at fault.

Child support and child custody is predetermined by what is in the best interests of a child rather than by traditional mother-father rules. Same-sex marriages, single family adoptions, and a wide range of reproductive choices have been developed to encourage people to find, create, and maintain the kind of family that they love.

family Family Law involves a range of issues including marriage, children, divorce, and domestic partnership. The outcome of legal matters in the area of Family Law typically holds great importance in an individual's life. Be sure to work with someone who is experienced and caring. When it comes to protecting your family and personal interests, Frank Marciano will provide the professional and attentive legal counsel that you need.

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