Child Support

child supportThe Law Office of Frank Marciano is experienced in Child Support matters and has the common legal sense to know when to negotiate and when to litigate. The State of New Jersey has some of the strictest child support laws in the United States. For a great overview of New Jersey and Hudson County child support laws and programs visit the New Jersey Child Support web site.

As part of a divorce or dissolution of a marriage or domestic partnership, a court will decide whether one parent will receive support for the care of a child from the other parent. In addition, it may be possible for the support amount to be altered at a later date if either parent petitions the court. We have experience dealing with both initial child support determinations and any later changes which may occur in a support order.

Either or both parents may be ordered to provide child support. New Jersey has adopted child support guidelines which apply in most cases, unless rebutted by evidence that the application of the guidelines would be unjust or inappropriate in a particular case. Support may include healthcare, dental care, childcare, and education of the child.

We have handled out of State and out of Country support cases.

The Laws involved in such matters are:

RURESA (Revised Uniform Reciprocal Enforcement of Support Act) and The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act ("UIFSA") is a Uniform Act that has been adopted by every U.S. State, in order to address the widespread problem of non-payment of child support obligations

Child support decisions are some of the most important aspects of a divorce or dissolution proceeding given that they deal with your child's current and future well being. Our goal is to focus on your unique needs in order to work toward a fair resolution of your concerns, while avoiding the unnecessary public exposure of private issues.

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