Trademark Violations

[Trademark Violations Photo]Over the course of the years, I have represented people and companies that find themselves in the middle of trademark matter. For example, I have been involved in the following matters:

  • The company AutoCAD pressed a claim against an architect's company for unauthorized use of its product.
  • The owner of "Barney" went against a child entertainment company, that I represented, that used unauthorized "Barney" costumes.
  • The owner of Ebbets Grill in Washington, DC went against Ebbits Bar and Grill in Hoboken that I represented.
  • A designer jean's companies moved against a store in Hoboken, that I represented, that sold their jean's without the company's permission.
  • A cable company sued bars that I represented, for the unauthorized showing of pay per view events.
  • A taxi cab company retained my office to file suit against another taxi company that used the same name and actually was stealing business from my client's company.

This is to name but a few of the situations that this firm has dealt with in this area of the law. As to what is a trademark and service mark please read the following.

What is a trademark?

A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol or design or a combination of words, phrases, symbols or designs that identifies the goods and services of one party and distinguishes them from those of another.

As well as identifying the goods and services with which it is associated, a mark serves as a guarantee of quality. Over the years, the practical definition of a trademark has expanded continually. Initially only words, numbers and designs were considered to be able to function as marks. Over the years, however, the definition of a trademark has been expanded by judicial decisions to include: configurations of the goods themselves, containers for the goods, colors, fragrances, decor and ambience (for restaurants).

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