Name Change

[Name Change Photo] Ever since 9/11, officials are paying much more attention to any identity discrepancies and that is reflected in the increase of clients retaining the Law Office of Frank Marciano for a formal name change application in the New Jersey Courts.

Keep in mind that changing your name means more than getting used to signing a new name on a piece of paper. After you legally change your name, you may have to revise the following documents:

Legal records (Social Security, driver's license)
Financial records (bank accounts, loans, leases, credit cards)
Business cards
Health insurance
Phone book listings

A person is allowed to formally change their name in New Jersey as long as they do not have a criminal record or are not trying to avoid creditors. The process of legally changing your name is necessary, especially if you don't have the same name printed on all your official documents. For example, if you need to leave the country, the name on your passport must be identical to the name on your driver's license.

"Show us your papers" is becoming a more and more common request of government officials and corporations. Let us help you put your identity records in order.

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