Last Will and Testament

[Last Will and Testament Photo]Everyone knows they should make a Will. Because of the importance of a will, an attorney should be consulted so that no mistakes are made. Since it is very possible that the will you make today will not be revisited for sometimes 20, 30, or even 40 years or more, you want to be absolutely certain that your will contains everything that you want it to, and that it is correct. For more information, these are some of the more important information to include in a will:

  • Invalidate all other wills
  • Pay debts and taxes
  • Who gets what
  • Name of Executor who will carry out the wishes of the deceased
  • Sign the will, acknowledging that the will is correct and valid

Above are things that should be included in a will, but what should be excluded? An explanation of what does not count as a will is:

  • An oral will
  • A handwritten will (that is written in your own handwriting), is not legal in most states
  • Video wills (these are not considered legal documents)

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