Formation, Incorporation, LLCs

business formationThe Law Office of Frank Marciano has represented a wide variety of businesses and has dealt with all kinds of issues confronting the modern business person. Hoboken is a city of opportunity. The demographics are especially attractive to the most sought after groups by advertisers. I would estimate that over half my business clients are women, many of them single parents, who have the entrepreneurial drive to create and sustain a retail business.

As with any attorney in this branch of the law, MarcianoLaw prepares contracts, business leases, loans, mortgages, equipment and real estate leases. We represent buyers and sellers of all types of different businesses, many of which are active in the international markets.

What sets MarcianoLaw apart from the other law firms is the down to earth and practical advice we give to our clients, especially people just starting out. Unlike other attorneys that simply do what the client ask, we take our time to find out exactly what a client needs, which oftentimes are two very different things. In an effort to "protect themselves" people rush to form an LLC or other corporation without taking into account the increased responsibilities that come along with a corporate filing. Often it is best to simply obtain a trade name, and hold off on incorporating until it becomes necessary to protect your business by virtue of a corporate entity. We often advise clients to hold off on incorporating until they need to enter into a lease for real estate or to purchase equipment. But, that is only one example and the point is that we have years of experience that will be used to allow you to spend the least amount of money and obtain the greatest protection of your assets.

Your continued success in business is our goal. To set up a consultation concerning incorporation, formation of LLC or partnerships, contact us online or call us at (201) 656-1000.