Disorderly Persons - Real Life

disorderly conductThe Municipal Courts are where non indictable offenses are heard. In New Jersey those acts for which you can get arrested but are not considered major are called "Disorderly Conduct". It is probably in this area of practice that I have seen the strangest things that have resulted in my clients arrested and charged with a Disorderly Person Offenses. I have represented client who were arrested:

  • For driving pantless through a Burger King drive in.

  • For have a "marijuana joint" fall out of his pant pocket while in the security line for entrance into the Hudson County Court for another offense.

  • For breaking a storefront window on Washington Street, because he was the only one of 25 kids who didn't run away.

  • For ending up sleeping on a person bed that he didn't know after he got drunk, got confused as to what his friend's house looked like and entered another house and just collapsed on the bed until the female tenant came home at 5 a.m. to discover a stranger in her bed.

  • For having some sort of sex on the PATH Train, the man charged was in risk of losing his series 7 license so we fought it all the way.

  • For fighting with some Hoboken kids who were throwing garbage around his condo during the St Anne's Festival. My client was big and strong and punched one of the kids in the mouth causing a lot of damage. Since my client wanted to become a lawyer we fought this all the way.

  • For fighting with a police officer after fighting with a bouncer. This woman was very tough.

  • For underage driving and backing the car up into a "Do not Park Here" sign.

  • For urinating in public. It is sexist, but for some reason when a woman gets charged with this offense it sounds worse than it is.

  • For shoplifting from the clients place of employment and then selling the goods to restaurant patrons on Washington Street, right up the block from the store.

  • For lewd sexual behavior after a male boss accused his female hair stylist employee of stealing. The next day she filed a complaint for sexual harassment. We won after a full trial where it was determined the parties were alone for less than a minute, that she was under the influence of anti-depressive medication for issues relating to memories of her father sexual abusing her and where she was under the influence of more than just the prescribed medication, she was also taking anti anxiety pills that she "borrowed" from her boyfriend.

  • For jumping into the Hudson River. My client was a very successful developer but was in the habit of getting very drunk and being very loud. He was walking with a friend near the Hudson River and decided to jump in without any way of getting back onto dry land. The Hoboken Police and Fire Department, Hoboken Ambulance, Port Authority Police and the Coast Guard all appeared on the scene and all filed separate reports. The identity of my client shall always remain a close hidden secret.

  • And so many others that I just don't have time to write them all down.

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