Client Reviews

“Frank was quick to respond to my inquiry I submitted online and called me personally. He was able to schedule an appointment for me and provided excellent advice. Very approachable, knowledgeable and honest. I would definitely recommend him and will use him for legal matters in the future. The office staff were also incredibly friendly and helpful!”

- C.S.

“Mr. Marciano was kind, professional and down to earth, it was nice to work with an attorney that didn't talk about himself, he was focused on our issues and got the job done. His office staff was tech savvy and very helpful. The only negative thing I could say was that he was a bit loud and woke up my baby, but he apologized and blamed it on his being Italian and passionate, which really is not a bad thing at all.”

- C.S.

“I had a great experience with Mr. Marciano; he and his staff are accessible, courteous, and professional.”

- P.V.

“This is my first time writing a review but ​there's no other way I can really thank Mr. Frank Marciano. He and his team did an excellent job representing me with my divorce. ​He answered my calls and emails ​promptly. His communication style is “plain English” which made it easier to understand exactly what was being done during a time when I couldn't even think straight.

M​y first impression was that ​he had the confidence that I needed. He knew the law but just as importantly he understood my situation and took his time explaining what I was dealing with. He’s compassionate and he did way more than just prepare my divorce documents. He actually helped me focus on a brighter future with my children instead of just fighting with my ex​. I thought my life was over but Frank made me realize my new life was just beginning.

Frank Marciano is an awesome attorney and a true professional! Thank you very much Frank…YOU ROCK!!”

- E.T.

“I don't usually write reviews, but I recently had a real estate closing with The Marciano Law Firm and I was really nervous about pretty much everything. However, Frank Marciano and his team, especially Alexis and Mary Rose, just continued to amaze me with their level of service. By the end of the transaction, I felt confident and secure in my purchase and in the whole process. I want to thank Frank and his team for going out of their way to help me in what was a major moment in my life. Thank you.”

- M.E.

“Five stars, case closed. Knowledgeable, forthright and INVALUABLE! Frank (and his team) helped me and my organization with a contract and I cannot recommend him enough. He is the man! Choose Frank and you'll have chosen the right attorney.”

- B.T.

“Frank Marciano truly cared about my situation which was very emotional and complicated to me! I went to Frank for legal advice regarding my father’s will and he saved my life! From the beginning, he showed interest, professionalism and an unbelievable knowledge. I have met with other attorneys before, they focused more on money and themselves rather than me. I recommend him highly! I have him on my speed dial for any legal matters! THANK YOU FRANK!”

- A.K.

“I have know Frank Marciano for many years. He has always given me expert legal advice and valuable personal guidance. Frank's expertise has always been instrumental in reaching a prompt positive resolution to my personal and business matters. I consider Frank a business partner, valuable legal resource and now my friend.”

- D.G.

“I consider myself a busy person and for that reason I very rarely take the time to write these kind of reviews. In fact, the only time I find the inspiration to do so, comes when I have an absolutely awful or an overwhelmingly fantastic experience.

My separation and ensuing divorce/child custody case has dragged out for nearly 2 years and before meeting Mr. Marciano I'd been represented by two other attorneys. Throughout the entire process I have interviewed/ consulted dozens of matrimonial attorneys in Hudson County.

Mr. Marciano stands out from all others I've met because he is by far, the most sincere. His prognosis has been spot on, and his counsel has proven to be the best course of action every time. Beyond having favorable results, Frank has proven with every step his only interest behind his advice comes from a genuine desire to achieve the best possible outcome for me. I would say "Frank has treated me like family" but even that doesn't really do him any justice.”

- A.G.

“I initially chose Frank because of how close his office is to the municipal court. Best decision ever. His staff was on top of the matter and he literally knew everyone at the courthouse. He was able to get my charge dropped to a lower penalty and is currently working on my expungement. Definitely recommended.”


“I hired Frank for help in purchasing a multi-family home. To make a long story short, Frank advised me against the initial property I had come to see him about and it was the best decision I could have ever made. He went out of his way to make sure I was making a wise /secure investment and saved me a great deal of money and grief, when he could have just went through with the initial deal. I would hire him again without a doubt. “


"Frank Marciano is a master of the law. He thinks outside the box and finds the best way to go about any issues that arise. His professional staff was great at touching base about my case and I felt at ease throughout the entire process."


“"I am very satisfied with everything about this law firm. From the friendly staff to attorney Frank Marciano, everyone was sharp. All my questions were answered and all my issues were addressed. I have complete confidence in Frank Marciano and highly recommend him."