Business Lawyer for Local Business

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The Law Office Of Frank Marciano has represented a diverse list of businesses throughout Hudson County and the Hoboken area. From general business advice to aggressive litigation in Court, we can help your business.

Below is a representative list of our business clients. These businesses are owned by men, women, single parents, families, Latin Americans, African Americans, Midwesterners, people with double master degrees, and people without a college degree. What all our clients share in common is a love for America and the opportunities available in this country to anyone who will work hard, work smart, and won't quit. The Law Office of Frank Marciano can make your dreams come true--well, at least I can draw up a good contract for you. Your dream is yours to realize. I am very enthusiastic about and truly admire helping small business owners succeed.

Madison Bar and Grill
A-1 Property Management
Arkay Computer Consultants
Atlantic Environmental Solutions
Buzz Hair Cuts
C & M Floors
Cartridge World
Cheap Maggie's Clothes Store
Citi Tech Telephone Company
Clean Sweep
Cosmo's Bakery
Creative Interiors
Dugout Inc.
Dunkin Donuts (Seventh Street)
Ebbits Bar and Grill
Elite Limousine
Empire Fitness Club
Feed Your Soul Internet Cookie Store
Flag T A Tool/Molding Company Doing
Business With China
FTM Development Clothing Store
Gateway Bakeshop Inc.
Hoboken Beach Club
Hoboken Care Wash
Hoboken Farm Boy
IntraHome Technologies
Jefferson Restaurant
KT Inc. Denim Design
Luscious Paper
Lydia Pizza
Mayflower Provisions Co.
Parquet Floors
PowerHouse Gym
Powerlite Electric
RPM Management
Scotland Yard Mikey Squared
Signore's Lounge/Love Sexy
Sole Shoe Store
Stinky Sullivan Bar Restaurant
Sushi House
The "Brake Shop"
Tiffany Floral Designs
Todd Management
Translation International
Underground Hair Studio

To set up a consultation concerning any business matter, contact us online or call us at (201) 656-1000.