Beyond the Bio

Marciano for mayorMile Square CitySam Marciano
Marciano for Mayor; didn't win but it was quite the journey just running for mayor.Portraits of a Mile Square City. A photo book that I co-produced about the people of Hoboken.Sam Marciano (my father). Letter to Hoboken family from basic training in WW 2.
OcculusLaw School Essayart
From Occulus, an art gallery I hosted for many years.My law school essay which really predicts my law practice today from 1979.For some reason, artists liked to put me in their art.
cartoontie onwhat's your sign
Political cartoon I wrote, about affordable housing, but now affordable housing isn't even on the political map.I always wanted to invent something. This is that something.A home design show called What's Your Sign. Design asked me to come on one episode as a lawyer. It's on HGTV.