Auto Motor Vehicle Point Schedule

auto moving violationIn Hoboken and Jersey City Courts we can best help you with our knowledge and familiarity with the Local Courts. The State of New Jersey permits attorneys to engage in plea bargaining with the municipal court prosecutors in order to reduce points and/or limit driving license suspensions. You should never simply pay your ticket and accept the penalties associated with that ticket without first discussing your case with a qualified and experienced attorney who specializes in municipal court cases. Below is a list of the various types of moving violations in NJ which carry points if your found guilty. For more information visit the New Jersey's MVC Motor Vehicle Commission website.

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39:4-84Failure to pass right of vehicle proceeding in opposite direction5
39:4-96Reckless driving5
Speeding 30 mph or more above limit5
39:4-128.1Improper passing of school bus5
39:4-85Improper passing on right or off roadway or shoulder4
39:4-86Improper passing, in "No Passing" zone4
39:4-99Speeding 15-29 mph above limit4
39:4-128.4Improper passing of frozen dessert truck4
39:4-115Improper turn at traffic light3
39:4-123Improper right or left turn3
39:4-124Improper turn: from approved turning course3
39:4-125Improper u-turn3
39:4-66.2Driving on private property to avoid signal or stop sign2
39:4-71Improper driving on sidewalk2
39:4-81Failure to observe traffic signal2
39:4-82Failure to keep right2
39:4-83Failure to keep right at intersection2
39:4-85.1Wrong way on one-way street2
39:4-87Failure to yield to overtake vehicle2
39:4-88Failure to observe traffic lanes2
39:4-97Careless driving2
39:4-98Speeding up to 14 mph above limit2
39:4-105Failure to stop at traffic light2
39:4-126Failure to give proper signal2
39:4-127Improper backing or turn in street2